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paysage nature ardenne belge bouillon ardennes tombau du géant forêt semois


Paliseul ardenne belge ardennes village verdure campagne calme

"Au pays de mon père on voit des bois sans nombre"

Paliseul, dear to Paul Verlaine, is a typical municipality of the Belgian Ardennes. You will find a good number of shops there, magnificent hikes starting from the hotel and above all the unlimited sympathy of its inhabitants. Close to all the points of interest in the region, it is undoubtedly an ideal base for your stay in our beautiful Ardennes.


1 minute away

Exposition paliseul paul verlaine

The permanent exhibition 
Paul Verlaine

13 minutes away

ardennes paysage nature forêt rivière bouillon

Le Tombeau du Géant

15 minutes away

Château fort de bouillon histoire patrimoine belge

The Castle
of Bouillon

1 minute away

Femme qui marche en forêt

Pedestrian Hikes

23 minutes away

Les feuilles de tabac

The Tobacco Museum

15 minutes away

enfants Kayak

Kayak Rental

At 38 minutes

Abbaye Orval monastère

Orval Abbey

15 minutes away

redu village du livre

Redu, the village of books

3 minutes away

Randonnée en vélo vtt cycliste

Mountain bike rental

At 16 minutes

eurospace center

Eurospace Center

At 21 minutes

All'Bauge - Gîte de Charme.jpeg

Charming Cottage

1 minute away


At Guet Marais
Original accommodation

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